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Did you mod that APC 40 yourself? So guud. Additionally do think Metric is far more superior to the imperial?

Yes I did. I just took it apart, taped off the parts I didn’t want painted and sprayed away. Thanks, I’m glad you like it.
As far as Metric vs Imperial? I was taught Imperial, but it’s my understanding that Metric makes a bit more sense when you’re calculating. I’d like to refresh my metric knowledge lately actually, so it’s odd you asked me that, lol.  

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Dots n’ Specs

The following piece was written in the window seat of a flight to Texas in 2007.
I found it in my last notebook and felt it could use some digital love.  

Dots n’ Specs 

So many of them,
little dots and specs of connected significance.
From so high above it’s as if you’re seeing a small portion of what a God would see if it had eyes.
All of these ideas, opinions, expectations and disappointments.
All of these lives somehow bled together like splattered water color on a canvas.
How will it look when the asteroid hits?
The big one to take our ideas, opinions, expectations and disappointments; 
our lives in one final explosion most likely our own doing.
So sad that we find justification to destroy the potential for love, experience, connection, understanding and compassion 
with the other specs we run into in this ocean of blind chaos.
All of them breathing, eating, shitting, fucking, running, driving, living and dying. 
Every dot contributing to the future of it’s existence
on this floating round rock in the black depths of countless unanswered questions.
There’s that part of me that loves them all unconditionally
because we all have one thing in common… singularity.

                                                                                        Written by: Shamus Sullivan

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The first rule is… I’m not suppose to talk about it…. and the second rule is…

The first rule is… I’m not suppose to talk about it…. and the second rule is…

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